hiding out

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It’s been a hot minute… I’ve been hiding out. I’m actually at the tail-end of yet another IMG_5287hideous break-up. I don’t think relationships ever end well. I cringe when people say, “We aren’t together anymore, but we’re still really close.”

No you aren’t.

If you were once with someone, really with them – you know – in that, “The sun can’t set until I kiss you,” sort of way; it doesn’t end well. Friendships aren’t allowed.

Some people think this is an immature approach. I, on the other hand, think holding onto a has-been relationship just because you shagged someone is immature. Let it go. Move on.

And that is what I continue to do.

My two week holiday of nothing-ness is officially in full effect and I could not be more pleased. There will be short stories on the way – perhaps a poem or two. Considering that I literally have entire days to focus on things like this web-world I’ve built and that book I’m still scribbling, I’m looking forward to a productive time.

Man, you know you’re getting up there when you want your vacation to be “productive”. Did I really just say that?

Never the less, the puppies are scampering around a Connecticut wonderland of bushy green summer-ness soon to swap itself for the reds and yellows of fall. FollowMeToNYC enters year four in only a few short weeks.

Maybe that means it’s finally time to clean up all these pages of words and life…

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