NUMBER 100 !!!!!!!!

Dear blog family

This is the 100th post of my blog… hot damn!

On that note, I don’t think I’m going to bother changing my domain name… because although a detour to Australia is on the horizon… it’s still all about getting to NYC.

In 2010, I’ll be adding poetry amongst posts.

I have never experienced Writer’s Block. Occasionally when I’m working on a focussed project: script, essay, novel, etc. etc… I have moments where I need to take a break and refresh my brain… but the words ‘I have Writer’s Block’ have never escaped my lips. I guess this is because whenever I’m going through a ‘break’ from structured work… I naturally write poetry, because outside of my existence as a Writer… I’m a human. I do things like fall in love, get hurt, experience confusion, pretend to be stronger than I feel, and hit highs and lows like everyone else. And as I Writer… I process this with poetry.

As a kid I was all about Whitman, Shakespearean sonnets, and Cummings. Somehow I got my hands on their books and became fascinated by the way words can alter emotion.

I usually write poems as soon as I wake up… normally while I’m still in bed, often to cello music. Today I was writing to Radiohead.

I prefer to write poems in as close to a dream-state as possible… I must learn to write while I’m sleeping. Here’s what I wrote today… oh and HAPPY 100 POSTS! Love love love to you all… just because I’m like that.

take: the introduction

have you ever…
open eyes (unsure)
consciousness? switch.
like dreaming, a lifted state.
a warm body – blankets in winter…
want is not
the (equation) craving.
teaching to touch
by listening like…
it matters.
structures and convention
cannot undermine
the integrity of my gaze
the song of your step
(untouchable) sunlight
outside ways
anticipating saying… what?
words do not comprise
what makes you feel (alive)
a celestial instrument
… the taste of a name.

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