i am the party

Celebrations yesterday kicked off with a present from one of my sisters’ soon-to-arrive baby… custom wine glasses that she picked out for the four of us that said different things like ‘Tis the season to be blitzened!’

As I’ve mentioned during previous family function entries… the duty of the youngest is to cause trouble… or in the case of yesterday… bartend. My nephew goes to UConn (go the Huskies!) so we made him a custom Santa hat this year… because now that he’s in college he thought we would be cool with ‘No I’m not wearing the Santa this year…’ As IF!!

The evening was spent bouncing from group to group because with so many of us… the only time it’s possible to all sit together is at the dinner table, which is actually two tables added together because extending it out and sliding the leaf in can’t fit us all anymore…

At the end of the night I curled up with my NEW WRITING BOOK that my sister gave me for Christmas and wrote down all of the new ideas that seem to fly so freely when you’re around the people you love the most… today I plan on sleeping. Tomorrow I’ll get into those ideas…

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