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FullSizeRender-2 I received an interesting “thank you” email yesterday. Sometimes the cult contacts me and my heart gets all melt-like…

In this particular instance, the person expressed their pleasure at visiting FollowMeToNYC parts because it’s “real”. This is by far the greatest compliment I could receive and I even got a bit teary over my Chai.

I have a very love/ugh relationship with the Interweb. Sometimes I feel like it’s often used to inflate egos about how great someone’s life is. And while my life has its wonderful moments that I am usually eager to gush about to all of you… sometimes, it’s not wonderful at all. Sometimes it sucks.

I’ve been blah-ging since 2009, daily for most of it. Humans who use an inter-web space to claim every day is roses are simply telling lies. And while I respect blah-gers that enjoy sharing all of their joy and triumphs with their flock, part of my goal as an Artist and Earth inhabitant is to also express the torment and daggers that accompany everyone roaming this planet.

Put simple, no one’s life is perfect. There’s nothing more boring to me than to check in on someone’s personal blah-g to read FullSizeRender-3post after post of, “OMG today was great! Nearly as great as yesterday! Probs not as good as tomorrow though! So stoked my life is the BEST!”

As cliche as it sounds, I’m a firm believer that life is a web of lessons and growth. Without getting knocked down or being down and out, you can’t take steps forward.

I have no job right now, the cuts from my horrendous breakup years back still haven’t formed scars and a lot of the time I’m baffled by what I see occurring around me to where I have to consciously find ways to manage the astonishment productively – which for me, is writing.

Kisses to the cult member who sent the message that made my morning. You’ve inspired me to hit book hard today, regardless of my head being a bit fogged with a few other worries. Life will certainly peak again after this dip, and sharing with our group of travelers dwelling around here is what has made the peaks more fabulous and the dips more manageable.

Novel needs to be done by the end of the year, for real, for real. Click, clack, click…

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