old fashion. food. words.

DSCN4625I have been reading reading reading lately.

I also bought a new hat this weekend, and a pretty dress… and I gulped an old fashion.

Deliciousness all around blog family!

Over the past four days I think I’ve said, “God I love New York City,” DSCN4637around nine times. It’s the ickiest time of winter here in the New England land of the U.S. Usually, by the time Valentine’s Day arrives, it’s pretty safe to say I’m over it.

I’m over it…

Fortunately, I’m off to Bermuda tomorrow. Whenever I travel there on business, I literally work seventeen hour days… but at least it’s bloody warm!

So… what else?

DSCN4597I cooked stuffed shells yesterday, as I’ve said in the past – when all else fails, cook! There were fresh herbs involved, vine tomatoes, red wine and other necessities.

This afternoon Pabst Blue Ribbons were clanked. I walked Peanut around 30 blocks squared through Central Park. The cold weather relaxed enough just enough for Earth to squelch beneath my gum boots.DSCN4639

I went in Prada today and giggled at $2,000 suits… in between dancing down 5th Avenue in my pretty new dress. I came home and shook my head fervently to punk rock, and Peter Gabriel. My hips rolled a bit to Nas… I admired the new violet pen I purchased to write a pen-pal in Australia with…

I put my hand on my heart and was thankful… Earth is such an out of control land. But I feel centered, inspired. I smile a lot lately.

Love to you blog tribe… you, yours and ours.






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