9th avenue International Food Festival

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I literally kicked my heels last week strolling the puppies down 9th avenue, when I saw the proud banner putting me on about the 9th Avenue International Food Festival taking place this weekend!

9th Avenue International Food Festival in Hell's Kitchen
9th Avenue International Food Festival in Hell’s Kitchen

Day one was fifteen blocks of global celebration with international deliciousness streaming steady, north to south, day to night. I expect nothing else from today’s festivities: people slurping fresh fruit smoothies, licking powdered sugar from funnel-caked fingers, munching fried onions with horseradish sauce and cheersing cold drinks on sidewalk patios to barbecue delights.

Something like… YUM!

My fire escape was ideal seating for rainbows of dance shows throughout the day, taking me to at least a dozen countries – amongst a whirlwind of scents offering pieces of tradition, earliest memories.

Then there are the trinket merchants with everything from eight dollar pocket watches to hand-sewn $850 rugs from India.

9th Avenue International Food Festival Dancers
9th Avenue International Food Festival Dancers

Looking down, and taking trips in and out of the seas of visitors from nearly every planet corner – I could not be more pleased with where I am. The last time I really felt this way, content with a living spot, was back when I lived in Oxley, Queensland. There is something sacred about a place fitting, particularly when you’re as gypsy as I am. This is the fifth time I’ve moved in 33 months. I don’t like feeling secure anywhere. But sometimes, when I feel settled – like back in Oxley… I stay for a year or two.

I reckon I can do that now.

Then this will become the FollowMeToAustralia blog, and we’ll move onto the coconut farm in the rainforest, once I feel I’ve outgrown my Hell’s Kitchen playground I am so comfortably nested amongst. Alas, I digress.

If you are in New York City today, go to the 9th Avenue International Food Festival in Hell’s Kitchen and eat your face off! Also blow kisses to all of the others attending, from everywhere around this wild, sometimes wonderful, land of Earth.

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