food and words

Growing up in a house of seven people with a Euro-mix mother, food was a basically the centre of my universe. As a kid, life is pretty much based around the next time you’re getting presents and/or special food.

That said, I never cooked anything until I was married. Being single and living alone in New York City means you never, ever have to cook… sigh, NYC how I miss thee…

I’ve mentioned before I’m vego with frequent phases involving the world of vegan. I’ve learned that I actually do enjoy cooking when it’s for other people, that’s probably something I picked up at the big ass family functions I recall as a kid.

Something I definitely picked up is the amount of food I prepare. We don’t waste anything, we simply eat the same thing for three days. I remember my Dad always telling my mother,’ You cook like you’re feeding an army!’

That’s totally me… ¬†and when I make vegetarian sushi it’s seriously no joke.

Seeing as I was away for four months, I nearly forgot about how I like playing in the kitchen. And now that I’ve got enough food for a few days, by the time it’s all eaten I should be able to fit in some more fun with food.

At the moment I’m busy Writing. Yesterday I started the ScriptFinalv1 file and got so excited about it that I hammered out a few thousand words in the book.

I should be able to catch my breath in a few days…

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