preliminary writer. i see you april.

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IMG_7942_2It’s been just around three months since I’ve been outside of New York City – nearly five months since my wonderful Writer job took a dive and sent me all sorts of places from a farm upstate to the woods of north-west Connecticut.

And it’s all about to change…

My tenants depart on April 1st… I’M MOVING HOME! HELL’S KITCHEN HERE I COME!! Oh, and also, I LANDED A SUPER SEXY WRITER JOB THAT WILL SUSTAIN ME IN MIDTOWN ONCE AGAIN!! It’s down to the final checks… days are dragging at the moment. I’ve been making use of that though.

I’ve been going on long walks. I spend every waking moment with the puppies. I meditate, I write. I think. I read. And while it’s been lovely to have extra hours to daydream, as a single, 36 year old woman – I need to work. I can’t not have a job. Plus, considering that the only place I can happily reside in the USA is New York City – it has to be a super dope job that I love and will support my nest in the center of the most expensive city in the country.


When I first made it to the city after Australia, it was a surreal and terribly lonely IMG_7945time for me. I left a decade long love and nothing I worked hard for mattered. Some things you really don’t appreciate when you have them, and what I achieved didn’t really occur to me.

Once it was pulled out from under me, my perspective changed. I know I can’t boo-hoo about my ex forever. And I’ve learned I don’t need him to proud of me for getting as far as I have staying true to doing what I do best… words.

Next stop: contract. It’s meant to come this week. Tick tock tick…

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  1. Honey, so happy to hear all this! Congrats on the job – looking forward to details – and that you’ll soon be back where you belong. Well, for now, at least…I know I’ll see you here in Australia when the time is right. Love you x x

    1. Thank you darling. What a few spinning months it’s been. You know the only place I can rest around here is the spot where nobody sleeps. Love you back x o x

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