peace out therapy


As I continue to saddle up, pray for spring, and hustle some secret moves that I will be able to get into soon, something else worth mentioning occurred yesterday.

About fifteen minutes into my psychology session (this being visit seven) I ran out of things to talk about. So we both smiled at each other for ten more minutes, and then my beautiful doctor with a bob cut and square-toe pumps kindly stated, “You can come back in the future, any time, if you need to talk. You have my number. I don’t think we need to schedule any more appointments though. Not right now.”

I think part of why I went to therapy was to show my ex-husband he broke me. However it didn’t take the doctor long to realize… I actually don’t break. Sometimes I cry a lot though. And after crying for nearly five months, I’m as over spilling tears as everyone else is hearing about it.

Enough of all that.

Now that I’m finished being a mess (clinically, at least) I can come good with fellow Artist, cult VIP and brother of mine, Richardo Perez. We’re going to put out another collaboration. I got chills reading some of our work this morning.

So far today I’ve  drank black coffee and danced around my apartment to The Temptations. This song reminds me of my divorce. That doesn’t seem to make me cry anymore… shimmy, perhaps.

No more crying. Peace out therapy.

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