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I’ve felt ineffably at peace this week. Maybe it’s the detox… I’m sure the six cups of coffee a day I was swigging wasn’t supporting any sort of calmness in life. I’ve been downing herbal teas like it’s my job over the past IMG_2577week and reciting “I don’t want a coffee I don’t want a coffee” repeatedly to myself during moments of weakness. So far, it seems to be working.

Interestingly, a lot of the things I learned myself playing with FollowMeToNYC over the past few years are proving helpful at my day job. Web-like things and what not. During all my months of ranting, I never realized I was teaching myself lots of new tricks that I can help other people out with.

While I’m still shattered over losing Henry, my daily crying spells are shorter. I’m continuing to peruse shelters to see if any little friends pop up for Peanut, but I’m being mindful not to rush anything.

I’m amazed at feeling settled. Not to sound cliche, but everything really is 20/20 vision. 2013 is the first year I’m kicking off since starting this page in 2009 where I can honestly say that I’m happy instead of heartbroken. New York City delivers everything I chased and more. I love swimming through swarms of tourists during my 10 minute wander back and forth to work each day. I love being around other locals who would never imagine living anywhere else. I love that 40 months ago I swore I would get here with no clue what would be waiting and am splat center in the most mind boggling experience  I could have ever dreamt.

Furthermore, I’m peaceful enough to spill ink on pages in ways I have wanted for so long. Here’s to the novel. Click clack click.

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    1. I can’t wait for you to COME BACK! Although I hear Australia whistling my way… must figure out how to fly back home to my favorites. Love you precious woman. x

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