photos are fun. aussies on the rise.

Being back in Australia I am comfortably reverting to the aspiring Aussie I aim to be. That’s what happens when you have citizenship in two places. Depending on where you are… that’s where you’re a citizen at that given time. Or something along these lines…

Anyways, living here for over seven years now, I’ve learned that as Australians we take sport very seriously. Particularly international events where gold’s involved. I’ve been told we tend to like the Commonwealth Games more than the Olympics because ‘the Yanks aren’t’ allowed to compete’ in the first mentioned.

I noticed today that the Yanks are up 8 medals to the Aussie’s 1 (and I won’t get into the shade). This is very un-Australian and I am expecting many more as the games have BARELY started.

On that note, there are many downward floor looks and contained giggles in my household every time my native land grabs yet another gold… (U-S-A)…

That said, my Yankee family seems to be slowly abandoning the cult as we broadcast live from down under, which I find interesting. My Aussie readership has gone through the roof and nearly overtaken as the number one reading audience aka VIP cult members… AussieAussieAussie!!

I wonder why I didn’t see that coming?

Some of our beautiful blog family members may have noticed a shift in the quality of photos lately. Got my hands on a decent camera at the moment. I once studied black and white photography and have a mild dark room obsession. I’m a dinosaur when it comes to modern photo technology.

… however sometimes capturing a moment and tweeking the shit out of it on my mac is somewhat therapeutic.

Shout out to my friend Andrew Painter who disappeared. I met him through the RedBubble community where I co-host a Writing Group. He designed us a dope shirt which I ordered right away, and before I could say thank you (again) when it came in the mail, he disappeared.

So THANK YOU AGAIN to Andrew… honorary cult member & VIP…

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  1. I really want one of these t-shirts now ! Maybe some host of a t-shirt group can kick off a design comp for us, they’d be guaranteed some sales ! How about one that read – ‘I’ve been bitch slapped by a Gretchen Haiku’

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