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As much as I try to hide from popular culture, I still feel obliged to graze papers from time to time. It’s kind of a social experiment to see what the humans are up to ensure I’m not participating in similar behaviors.

A few nights ago I came across a story about someone I had never heard of, Natalia Kills. The reason I learned about Natalia, is because she was recently sacked from the X-Factor in New Zealand. She was fired after saying a slew of disgusting things to contestant Joe Irvine.

As an Artist, this incident is particularly relevant to me. First of all, congratulations to Joe for landing a spot in a national talent show to share his gift with an eager audience. With so much negativity on Earth, it’s lovely seeing someone share their talent and lift vibes.

Apparently, Natalia Kills thought it was cool to give Joe a verbal lashing that has shown the world her true douchebag nature. Apparently she’s a singer, I tried to listen to one of her songs – I lasted thirty seconds.

What I find extra laughable, is that for the past few days since the incident, Natalia has been online ranting about Madonna’s new album. I guess she wants everyone to forgive that she’s a scumbag since she relates with Madonna. Furthermore, she’s tried to plug her work with pathetic “thank you”s on Twitter to a small crew of humans who apparently need a douche to aspire to.

I am the ultimate advocate of, “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” The only time I really get bothered, is if I see someone bothering an innocent bystander. Considering my outstanding effort to avoid mainstream culture, ESPECIALLY when I’m in the States, I do a good job at being blissfully unaware.

Sometimes though, things get to me. So here’s my final two-cents.

Dear Natalia

You are a douche. I hope you and your husband never have children. If that unfortunately occurs, I hope that a) they’re nothing like you and b) no one ever treats them how you treat people. In the name of every Artist expressing themselves in their own style and grace… shame on you.

Love, Gretchen

PS. Melanie Blatt says it best. “Sorry love, you’re a twat.”

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