R.I.P Nathan Wills

Three weeks ago today I blogged about a conversation I was having with an Artist I love and respect uniquely to any other soul I have encountered.

Ten minutes ago I popped on Twitter to say hello. That’s how I found out that Nathan Wills took his own life on July 27th.

Nathan and I found each other in the early days of FollowMeToNYC when I was soaring the land of social media following conversations of musicians, writers, artists and other lovers connecting through these means. Instantly our conversations went beyond such talents – we talked about infinite love. We talked about one Soul.

While Nathan and I never had the chance to meet face to face, his sister stayed with me a few short weeks ago during her visit from the UK. With stars in our eyes we planned for me to take a September trip over the pond.

Today is Nathan’s birthday. Finding out that someone you love committed suicide is a worst occurrence of life. Receiving the news on their birthday…

I guess I just can’t believe. it.

Dear Nathan

You are divine. The spiritual growth we experienced together, the familiarity and divinity between us is sacred. There are no words to describe the rock in my stomach right now. The vice around my heart.

I love you forever.

Eternal love and golden light


2 thoughts on “R.I.P Nathan Wills

  1. Oh Gretchen, I feel for you and the life lost, but want to nod and say I love what you have written here. When there are barely words to encompass the emotion…sigh and (((hugs))). Much love to you and Nathan’s family xxx

    1. Namaste sister. Nathan remains an inspiration. It is a shame his life was so short, too many brilliant Artist existences often are. Thank you deeply wonderful one. x

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