ready… steady.


Alright tantrum has been managed with a lovely drive through glowing green and a few cello tracks. Since I grew up in the forest, I seek it out at particular moments.

As much as I love New York City… I also crave open spaces. I think my appreciation of so many different areas is a big part of what my issue staying in one spot is.

Yesterday ended up fueling me with scents, sights, and sounds just waiting to be put into stories. Feelings and reactions to a tropical world that I’m going to find places to fit in…

I think another current issue is that I haven’t gotten into a routine in Australia yet that’s as structured as when I was in the States. I’m still getting a fair amount done, but there are more responsibilities I need to manage in ‘real life’ than when I was hiding in my parents’ basement.

So my weekend goal is to set up a hard ass schedule to stick to that will essentially include SCRIPT, anthology, new ‘stuff’, and playing on redbubble. Like I’ve said before, I seriously work more hours ‘not working’ than I ever did at any foolish job.

… imagine if I can swing it so that I actually get paid for something.

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