I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately. It’s a lovely accompaniment to my daily meditations and something that’s been important in my life since I can recall. After having a wonderful class in Australia, I wasn’t able to find somewhere in the States that had the same resonance. So these days I practice where ever I’m squatting. There are actually tons of free classes online that make it simple to grab your mat and enjoy a private class with a few simple clicks.

This morning, after class, I started thinking about the idea of Santosa. It basically relates to contentment, being content and grateful for where ever you are. I’veIMG_7822_2 never really struggled with these concepts in a major way, I’ve given thanks to our higher, unified power at the end of the day since my single digits – regardless of what Earth canes me with. No one ever instilled this in me or taught me, I just knew it was the right thing to do. I’ve always accepted my spirituality as a memory. There was never an option of believing anything outside of it.

Part of what got me ranting on yesterday about the percentages of populations┬áis the worldview that comes with being a resident of the United States. There’s an international eye on this country, whether anyone chooses to identify with that or not. Most people choose not to. I don’t agree with the idea of anything being a “super power”, it’s part of why I took the first chance I was given to bounce.

I feel like life shifting and bringing me back is because I ran from a lot. Not any particular incidents, I more-so just didn’t want to be part of a place I don’t really believe in. I’ve come to really understand though, the State isn’t my issue. Humans are. And once again, I’ve re-centered in the concept that being a good person is the best job that anyone can do. It seems so simple, yet so many people can’t handle it.

I don’t want to get knocked about and forget myself like I did trying to survive the initial years following my divorce. Instead, Santosa. My world is bubbling, it’s going to boil soon. When it flips inside out this time, again, I’m more prepared than I have been for anything since starting this blah-g in 2009. The silence helped.

I wish you all strength in your struggles; memories of what makes us; and gratitude for the good things. Darkness in the world does everything it can to dim those things, shine brighter. For all of us.

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