sweat it out

Namaste blog family. I’m going to hot yoga tonight. I used to practice back when I lived in Queensland.

My psychologist says I need to get out. When she asks what I like doing, I say “Working.”

Maybe it’s my Virgo Sun?

I wrote the end of my novel earlier. The actual last paragraph. Sure I’ve got two ga-gillion pages to get through and switch around into how I like. But it’s for real about to be done.

In addition to offering writing workshops at my retreat, I think I should teach yoga too. If I ever intend on getting certified as a yoga instructor… I should probably be able to touch my toes.

My body is somewhat rubber bandy. Once I start exercising, it’s on. Though I will probably complain a lot in the beginning.

A lot.

I’m tired of being cranky. As someone who moderately prides herself on the power of thought control, I understand I have to get my head right.

Especially because once my book drops, I bet life will change all over agin. It seems to do that constantly. I like the saying about “The only thing constant is change.” So true.

Even my body feels like it’s changed recently. My shoulders are down, my spine is straight. My bare feet are chilly in this winter weather, but flat on my floorboards.

I can’t wait to see all the fun ways to twist around this evening. SWEAT.

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