sometimes you just need candy and a dictionary

Last night I had to get out of the house. The more I think about how long I’ve been locked away with nothing but time and words… the more I’m amazed that I haven’t gone insane… and I still haven’t completely abandoned that theory.

So I braved the below freezing temperatures yesterday evening to visit a sister who fed me candy love hearts and asked how my ‘haikus’ are going… no comment.

That said, I borrowed a book from her husband titled The New Dictionary of Thoughts. I thought about old posts where I’ve said I don’t read a lot… I guess that’s not entirely true. I read a fair bit, but I usually read reference books. Lately I’ve been reading a WordPress book (obviously I’m learning TONS from that); a book about search engine optimization (google ‘gretchen sonnet’ … do it now! I dare you!); and a few books about fiction theory.

This simply reiterates to myself that I am a dork. I came to the States to run around New York City, which I have had heaps of fun doing… when I’m not too busy reading dictionaries.

Anyways, I have a new-improved exciting project idea that I’m not allowed to talk about until I finish my script…

expounding eye contact

The first day love shared with a human eye,
perplexed expressions studied the other.
An innocence replaced what once was sly.
Amnesia. Difference fading to a blur.
Look not from my gaze to one that tempts,
with tight lipped grins to mask their conundrums.
My heart now too full to carry contempt;
sensations that alter who we become.
A smile, all thatโ€™s left of my protection.
With words as the music, amour the score.
An indigo abyss, no direction.
Consumption of belief in chance of more.
Lover I free you to write your own book,
Summary possessed exchanging one look.

4 thoughts on “sometimes you just need candy and a dictionary

  1. The final rhyming couplet were so beautiful, that I’m compelled to pass on my compliments!

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