… a view from a who?

One of my sisters cracked shit at me the other day because I hadn’t heard of A View From A Bridge. Then she had the balls to say ‘You call yourself a WRITER and you haven’t heard of A VIEW FROM A BRIDGE?!’

Standard advice that’s given to Writers is to be ‘well-read’ whatever that means. I read books from time to time, but I prefer writing them. I’m not one of those people that throws out the name  of authors to convince others of my literary intellect. And to be honest, I don’t even remember the titles of most books I read. Furthermore, I avoid media like the plague so I sincerely have no idea of what I’m apparently supposed to care about because of popularity or rave review.

Don’t get me wrong… I like reading. But I love Writing. And I’m totally not hating on readers, I’m hating on the snobby attitude that unless you’ve read Catcher In The Rye you’re uncouth. For the record that was one of the only books I read for High School English class… only because I was grounded. It was pretty good… lol.

the effect of hymn

The form and sound of my name on your lips.
Lifts; raises awareness of someone calling.
A guard that does not drop abruptly slips,
lack of control like suddenly falling.
You sweeten syllables, speaking in love.
Audible gestures, a rapid ascent.
What comes from inside instead of above.
Escape the asking, whether it is meant.
Rhetorical assurance un-required.
Cognizant luring, a musical voice.
Inventing ways to convey desire.
Releasing possibility of choice.
Exploring meaning to actually hear.
Honest enchantment. Devotion sincere.

2 thoughts on “… a view from a who?

  1. I never heard of it either. I had to Google it..got to love Google.

    BTW I liked the “effect of hymn”

  2. I’m so happy you hadn’t! Can’t wait to tell my sister!

    Thank you for feeling my poetry. It’s an exciting new direction that’s only just starting 😉

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