the thing about anarchy

Many have probably vibed by now that I dislike government. This statement isn’t entirely true, I dislike corruption and like I’ve said before the two usually go hand in hand. I’ve personally witnessed this in all sorts of ways, a lot of us have.

Other than occasionally complaining in various countries and trying to get people talking about what goes on around them, my days of getting tear gassed and arrested seem to be behind me (… seem to be).

I think I reached the point in life where I started to realize that maybe it’s a human thing and not a system thing. Plus I began to center myself more spiritually (God, how old does THAT make me sound) and I slowly adapted a different view about my small place in this not-so-big world.

The general political state of the planet is fucked. Instead of putting on my track shoes to run in the wheel the way I’m supposed to, I’m trying to resist and stay true to what I think is right. Like trying to live life as a Soul opposed to a political sponsor.

Hypothetically speaking… imagine if every human being sincerely believed and understood that they were part of all other living creatures. Imagine if any harm brought on to another was only felt by the person bringing it on. The world might possibly be a very different place.

In the mean time… let me know if anyone feels like having a Revolution.

anarchy has a new dress

Societies try muffling free thought,
intelligence opposing mass appeal.
You must believe happiness can be bought.
Eat propaganda. Tell us how you feel.
Invent terms like ‘politically correct’.
Approval of State, your right to function.
Categorize life by creed, race, or sect.
Convince that safety depends on junction.
Somewhere between intuition cries out.
Haunted by patriotism’s creation.
A whispered reminder, what you’re about.
What comes first? Your spirit or the nation?
Don’t support cause where integrity lacks.
Why do we accept there’s no fighting back?

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    1. Hello and thank you! 😀 As much as I love cities I couldn’t agree with you more… forest time should be in everyone’s top priority list…

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