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I’m still a bit floaty after putting together my first spoken clip yesterday. I woke up in the morning and realized I could edit stills into video; came across some CDs I haven’t listened to in ages as operation house re-vamp continues; and picked a piece of a poem at random to read.

The love and feedback I’ve received is incredible. Something quite magical about it is that some of our tribal clan have been following my work for a few years… and most of them contacted me in some way, shape, or form with “FUCK YEAH!s” and “DOPE!s”

I blushed and giggled.

More to come…

I went and saw Rock of Ages tonight at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne. It’s the first musical I’ve ever been to. This is usually the part when people say, “You lived in New York City and never went to a Broadway show?!”

Nope. Never.

Tonight was so much fun! I think my favorite part about seeing a live show is witnessing people dancing around doing what they love. Moments like that inspire artists. I’m far from a musicals fanatic, but the atmosphere was delicious and I’m off to paint about it in poetry.

Which I may lay to a track and mix beneath more choppy photo shots later…

… I reckon I may be onto something with that.

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