gretchen cello and her spoken word…

Namaste blog family

My recent spoken word videos have me feeling inspired and all delicious like. However, I fear that if I keep posting them here in our lovely land of language… they’re going to eat my page.

I can’t quite voice my rational – but it has something to do with techy band-like things.


Whenever I create a new piece… I shall feature the text here with a sexy link at the end for those brave enough to venture to my youtube channel and see the visual reflection of the words.

Today’s words…

It started. With the sound of footsteps…
A played rhythm. To bounce my steps. Two feet higher
In front of what was never set. Invisible line.
Falling behind. I still reside within. Wind chimes
And between… us… I have never felt. Like. I fit in.

Rapidity of response. Everyone saying. I’m too fast.
My sinking ankles. Along. Your step. My undersized stride.
Keeping. Check on my pace. My blushing shades.
Burning face. Reflections. Toward. Your blinding glow.
Getting to the point. Never empty space. To fit me in.

Starts of starting. Why are you this? How can you that?
I hid weakness within loyalty while you fed.
Swallowed a shallow image of what was. Constructed.
Built tilts of re-expressed angles. Degrees of me.
A portrait for… of… because. Nature is art.

My voice will never be. As loud as… my language.
Letters explaining. Yet. You turned. Away…



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