colors of my easter eggs

When I was a kid we used to hard boil and dye Easter eggs and leave them out for the bunny to hide. In the morning we’d rip through the house collecting them and looking for a basket filled with goodies.

After we found our baskets, we would go to a long ass mass that lasted like three hours. When we got home from church my mother would cook an insane Easter feast. It used to be one of my favorite holidays.

Seeing as I’m in Australia, I missed the gathering of my parents, four sisters, collection of husbands, and tribe of nieces and nephews – which I was a bit sad about.

To feel better I hit the streets with my camera. My easter eggs this year were colored with shades of graffiti and delicious Vietnamese food. I took the puppies for a bike ride down near the Yarra River. I spent time talking on the telephone with someone I love very much who I hadn’t heard from for over a year.

I purchased a pink umbrella with red strawberries on it and looked at antique furniture imported from various Asian locations. I ate a hot cross bun and chocolate Easter egg because that seems to be what people in Australia do on Easter. I drank guava bubble tea.  I’m about to play chess.

Certainly not a traditional Easter by any means… but colorful all the same.

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