step one book step two puppies

Namaste and welcome to 2012 blog family.

Yesterday whilst sitting at the head of my parent’s living room table clacking away novel (that I have decided comes out this fall), something amazing happened.

My eyes widened. I deleted a few words, clacked a few more. Crinkled my eyebrows. Laughed out loud. Said, “That’s IT!” And immediately telephoned my best friend in Colorado to chant something along the lines of:

“My God My God My GOOOOD! You know how I’ve been blah-ing about writing my book THIS WAY… I can’t believe I didn’t see this sooner? I totally called you right away.”

True story.

Summer, I score a publisher. Autumn, book release.


Once I sell novel one, I’m going to use the advance on novel two to fly two small terriers to my side of the world into the lovely, yarded, facility that will also be sponsored by this book I’m smashing out.

Some people may say, “Gretchen Cello, what makes you think you can sell a novel when you’ve published two poetry books and only 74 people cared about those?”

I guess people asking this will just have to wait for my novel to be released so they can decide for themselves. (Suckers.)

There you have it tribe of gorgeous. Step one: finish book (just smiled hugely). Step two: PUPPIES (even MORE gigantic teeth-y smile).


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