this thing about my ladies

Dear blog family

Forgive my recent absence stint. I promise productive things have been occurring like words and wonders and entertainment and experiences. Love, lust, longing and lostness. All things that equivocate to decent writing most of the time.

I’ve tried to update web-land like four times this week. I keep getting distracted. A good friend of mine says my brain doesn’t stop and that I don’t rest, I guess I’m starting to believe him. That still doesn’t mean that I find it a bad thing, necessarily.

What I have found to be a most favorite thing this week is I’m Out by Ciara with Nicki.

We all know how I cannot resist a sexy Nicki duo, usually ever.

I love being female and when I have bouncy joy moments of liberation emotion I get inspired and make art. Regardless of my fondness of men, nothing seems to balance me out better (here and there) than some straight shot girl talk.

I prefer 3:30 – the end on the Ciara track. Oh Nicki, how I heart thee.

In other news, I painted my toes today. I read more poetry. Wrote some poetry. Daydreamed a bit and wandered around Central Park at five o’clock this morning on my way home.

Have I mentioned how centered I feel?

Love to ours cult collective.


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