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Regular readers from way back when have likely read a rant or five about the IMG_0707Retreat I will open one day. I have this whole healing, creative, musical, organic farm land in mind. I think after my first marriage fell apart, I put it on the back burner. Because worse than losing a husband who was shitty to me anyways, I lost a business parter. A potential investor.

I have had all kinds of crazy ideas to fund the Retreat from poetry books to restaurants. I started thinking about restaurants again recently – and I think I maybe have discovered a business partner.

Oh New York City! The ways I love thee are insurmountable.

Therefore blog family, it pleases me to say: Pizza Restaurant. This is what needs to go down. I haven’t figured out the logistics, but the last time I had a gut punch, “Yeah, that’s what I need to do,” was in 2009 when I said, “New York City, that’s what comes next.”

Sometimes I think the most difficult thing to life is knowing how to effectively channel your energy while simultaneously balancing karma and executing fate.

Yeah, these are things I think about.

Now that I understand what the next step is, I’m feeling even more enlivened. And I’m taking care of myself, which I forgot to do for a few minutes.

A friend of mine feng shui’ed my apartment a few weeks ago. I’ve been juicing my face off… apple, pear, carrot, celery, ginger, garlic for breakfast. Mmmmmm.


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    1. I need a pizza place to pay for the retreat. Hopefully by the end of summer I can make something pop – summer up here that is. xoxox

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