to get what you want you’ve got to

To get what you want you’ve got to know what you want. I was thinking thisĀ wandering home from work today.

I like how this theory sounds, but there’s a large Buddhist side to me that doesn’t want anything… other than love spreading and smile sharing. So it adds unique complexity to the notion.

Back in 2000-2003 when I was doing stand-up in Manhattan, I used to do open mics with a collection of comedians who have come to be some of New York City’s finest. They write for shows you’ve heard of and star on programs you’ve watched.

It’s weird, I realize majorities are likely to hit me with, “Yeah right, we don’t believe you,” but as much as I might be envious of my once-upon-a-time companion’s geographical location, I was thinking today how I really don’t sweat their success.

This got me thinking about what it is I want, besides a puppy-friendly Manhattan apartment.

I want a voice. I want to paint words in ways that get people nodding and reflecting. And I want to finish my memoir.

Some days I get so upset over not being in New York City that I want to vomit on my notebook. But realistically, I want it all on my terms. I don’t want to starve and have to sleep on floors like I usually do. I want to be recognized for what I do…

What exactly is it that I do you ask… that’s a bloody brilliant question…

Something about solitude changes a person. I’ve been pretty much completely isolated on this big empty island down under for eight years – in between necessary injections of my beloved New York City. So I’ll keep on keeping on.

One best-seller coming up…

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