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I have been such a tragic mess the past dozen days, I completely missed us hit the two year anniversary of FollowMeToNYC. When I tracked back to see what occurred on this monumental day in history, I realized it’s the exact day I signed my lease in midtown.


After I bring my two suitcases of possessions to my fully furnished pad, I’m going to walk over to 5th Avenue and buy myself a new Mac – which I haven’t done for about five years.

I will carry my new computer back to my residence du jour and finish novel #1. This will be carried out with views of the east river from the 18th floor of an east-side castle.

I should be exploding with excitement… and I will be shortly.

Considering how our cult of readers are regulars, it seems only appropriate to provide some background information regarding my most recent nervous breakdown.

It was brought to my attention by my angelic protectors that there is some business in Australia that involves my head being chopped off and feebly replaced. I didn’t take this well initially.

After two weeks of tears and every person I know copping more than an earful of my despair. I’m finished crying. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind crying at all, it’s honest. But sooner or later, your eyes dry out.

I miss the puppies. However, I understand that to fully utilize my present situation, they must remain in Australia for a hot minute.

The book deal and farm house in Connecticut are on the way… the puppies will be much happier with a big backyard.

2 thoughts on “two years of consecutive posts…

  1. it will happen as it needs to…let the rest go and add to the world as only you can do…like colonies of quaking aspens your roots have many branches…

    1. I love you. What I learn from blessings like your writing and our friendship are the pieces drawn from to move forward. It absolutely happens as needed. I am appreciative of every element – regardless of the initial impact. x

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