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It’s not that I have a personal vendetta against UGG Australia or anything. And yes, I can completely100_1478 appreciate how warm they’re keeping everyone’s piggies within the breath of winter that is slowly creeping upon us. I simply cannot believe how many bloody pairs of them are stomping around the streets here in the States.

100_1513My niece and I decided to play ‘I spy UGG’ when we were waiting for the parade to start on Sunday and we literally counted over fifty pairs in about ninety minutes. I think the reason it bothers me is because I haven’t heard or seen anything having to do with Australia since I’ve been in the US besides UGG… oh yeah, and Nicole Kidman at the American Music Awards (UGH!!)

I seriously saw more pairs of UGGs in one day than I have seen during the entire eight years I’ve lived in Australia. I’ll accept that they’re warm, but so are socks. The way Luke puts it, UGGs are made for kicking around the house in, like slippers.

I suppose I’m generally not a brand fan. I try to100_1512 support independent designers whenever I can (whenever I can afford to, that is). My desire to have UGG Australia billboarded across the back of my feet is no less than my urge to advertise any other label.

Although I wouldn’t mind a Versace dress… and maybe a pair of Prada shoes… (I am a girl, after all…)


6 thoughts on “ugh UGG

  1. Had no idea UGGs were so prolific in America. I can’t actually remember the last time I saw a pair here in Brisbane.

    1. you don’t see any over there because they’re all being exported over here!! i think i saw a buffy wearing a pair in the mall with a mini skirt like two years ago…

  2. I can’t believe you don’t like UGGs. There perfect for the people who wear them! They are made our of sheep aren’t they?

    1. hee hee! i appreciate their purpose, there just seems to be way too many pairs happening in the states! i think they’re made out of sheep? … which is kind of gross. 😀

  3. While UGGs are definitely no longer a particularly bold fashion statement… they are comfortable and warm and not altogether heinous. I agree the look can get a little old if that is as far beyond sneakers you ever get, but admittedly wearing my UGG booties (and slippers!) has kept my toesies warm in the icy long winters of Vermont, the unpredictable snows of central Connecticut and of course the damp and slushy NYC winters as well.

    In my experience, they won’t get you any second glances unless they are all you’re wearing. Maybe give that a shot on your next stroll through Central Park in January 😛

    1. ha! awwww… i appreciate the laughter more than i can tell you at the moment… your point it totally valid… there are just way more cute things about australia that i’d like to see being exploited in the US… like surfers.

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