why i don’t want to be a web designer

I spent a good portion of my morning staring blankly at WordPress wondering how to do certain things with my site. For example, I thought perhaps having a page that exclusively features the 365 sonnets I’m writing would be cool. Plus I still need to update my ‘about’ section. I’m not getting rid of what’s there (oh HELL no) … I just want to revise to reflect the next leg of the journey.

Anyways. I got nowhere with all of this and it left me in a bad mood which I dealt with by writing a sonnet about my feelings toward doing anything that doesn’t involve writing… lol. My lesson of the day has therefore been… do not attempt any IT endeavors prior to creative writing. So even though four hours of monitor staring taught me NOTHING about WordPress… at least I learned something.

leasable living

Does evolution mean having to play?
We fit. A cookie cutter existence.
Twist me into a survivable shape.
Are there certain steps to perfect this dance?
Honest thought does not… create currency.
Dollar chasers. Who we’re led to follow
blind. Insulted. No clear path for a Me.
What you can afford says how far you’ll go.
Unsalaried living. Impractical.
Wish. Imagine a chance to be your Self.
Without the burden of governments’ wall.
How long will each day remain a façade?
Is there still such thing as being self made?

I think a lot of people relate with the views I put forward about society in terms of government corruptness, the illness of advertising, and the desire to live a life outside of the hamster wheel.

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