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We are aware that my heart simply does not beat outside of New York City. However, there are aspects of Melbourne that, when I am fortunate enough to experience them, bellow the command of CLEAR and jump-start my fading pulse.

Such as one of the best damn Writers in this crazy world, the ultra-fabulous miss yt sumner. If you haven’t caught up on her current You and Me Postcard Project¬†off you go to indulge!

I had the pleasure of  going along to a holiday gathering co-hosted by this amazing woman and attended by a collection of exquisite, original celebrators whom with I clanged glasses, kissed under mistletoe, and exchanged mustache feedback Рin between an Edgar Allan Poe reading.

And somewhere in the mix I lost my phone…

Right now I’m smack in the center of the Summer Solstice, which is of course the Winter Solstice up north. I start work in two weeks-ish. I think I feel more isolated than I probably ever have in my life. Regardless of the years I’ve spent in Australia, I know that it’s time to spend some real time in New York City. Opposed to my in and out jaunts. Next trip will be different, so I’m trying to get ready for that.


Well, I need a solid manuscript in tow. I probably require more than $200 in my pocket, and my head needs to be fastened just a bit more securely – though not too tight to lessen its signature bobble.

Thank you solstice for lining me up. In your honor I shall dance barefoot today in the grassiest field I come across and cook stacks of somethings delicious.

And thank you universe for eating my phone to conclude this insanely isolated five weeks I’ve had since getting back to OZ.

Now about those books…


2 thoughts on “yt sumner. hot bits of melbourne. solstice.

  1. I can’t believe the universe gobbled your phone. But I would gladly throw mine out the window if that guaranteed another night like that.
    Such wonderful, vibrant, insanity you are, my lovely.
    So much Festivus. xxx

    1. best night i’ve had since being back in australia! the kind that anyone would chuck an entire telephone collection into a fiery volcano to have. xoxo

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