she’ll strut in them

These were the words of one of Melbourne’s most talented Writers Sunday afternoon during a shopping spree for the proper outfit for me to rock during my second round of interviews today for the coveted job of WRITER. With a beautiful, stylish gay man from Queens and a sassy Writer wench dressing me for the occasion… my confidence increased slightly.

When the sales girl on Sunday replied with, “As long as you can walk in them…” after my girlfriend and I conversed about the stilettos I was to accessorize my new dress with – my girlfriend responded, without hesitation, “Walk? She’ll strut in them.”

So I spent today strutting around with crossed fingers. Come Friday I’ll have more insight about a gig to keep me in place while I finish (survive?) Poetry Volume 2 and continue to bust out the novel.

Since starting FollowMeToNYC, I’ve had five jobs, lived in four houses, and had multiple nervous breakdowns. Not bad for a seventeen month project… and counting…

Not to mention I’ve spent a good ten months of that time in/around/on top of New York City.

I have a June visit to NYC in the cards. A best friend, aka cult member family blood tribe-r has a special occasion I must attend. And it is the birthday of another NYCer who I speak to on a near daily basis… someone who knows nothing about the extent of FollowMeToNYC but thinks “… it’s so cool that you write.”

This is going to be my last stint in Australia. I’m going to get the most out of it before I go. Bring on the job… mix in the holiday… keep the books coming…

… I’ll be totally good. She’ll be right (if you will).

2 thoughts on “she’ll strut in them

  1. Sweet girl, truer words were never uttered from my mouth – I had no doubt you would stride on into that interview in your hot as hell new dress and kick arse heels, and give it everything you’ve got. Please let me know how it went! And then we can sit down with tequila and discuss how you are absolutely not moving back to NY in June…don’t MAKE me put on my stern voice x x

    1. How wide is my smile at the sight and sound of words from one of my most favorites in this world. Darling any opportunity for tequila and discussion with you, regardless of continent, takes top priority in my small pocket of this planet. Cannot wait to catch up all about it Friday, and maybe Saturday… definitely Sunday as well!! xoxox

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