yet another white house disgrace

I don’t think it’s ever possible for me to like a president because presidents are politicians and many politicians aren’t exactly honest. Politicians are always overpaid. I laugh at the term ‘public servant’ and still did even when I was considered one; because I’m pretty sure ‘servants’ don’t get driven around in limousines. Not that I ever reached such ‘stature’ … I have too much respect for100_1729 my fellow citizens.

When I was a young lass I once went to protests and got pepper sprayed on a regular basis. America is the land of the free as long as you do what you’re told to a degree… which includes not questioning ‘authority’.

I wonder if that means I’m not supposed to ask what the fuck Oprah will be doing at the White House to shoot a Christmas Special…

Back in 2003 Polish President Aleksander Kwasniewski¬†flew to Iraq on Christmas to surprise the troops and pay respect. I’ve said it before, I don’t support war. But I must say, it is an utter disgrace that someone meant to be ‘Commander in Chief’ will be broadcasting his cozy existence side by side with one of the wealthiest women in the world on the filthy medium of television while men and women will miss the holidays because they’re fighting a war Obama is supporting. (Wait, didn’t he say he wasn’t gonna do that? Is that a lie? Oh right, he’s a politician.)

I wonder how many terminally ill children in this country would marvel at the lifestyle the Obama children are living at the moment. I wonder if Obama ever thought about inviting some of those kids and their families to the White House for a Christmas Special? Oh that’s right! Those familes can’t hustle 3 million dollar ‘fundraising parties’, no wonder they weren’t invited.

In Australia Rove’s off the air (thank you Lord) … but even if he wasn’t, I wouldn’t be expecting a very Ruddy Rove Christmas anytime soon. But don’t get me wrong, Kevin Rudd tells just as many lies as the rest of them.

Politicians aren’t as brave as Creative Writers… at least we’re honest about making shit up.

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