Alright. I’m refocussing.

Let’s talk more about apartment. Because this remains at the forefront (can you tell I’m back to writing speeches? who uses the word forefront?).

Yesterday I saw a place that I love love loved and think I might be able to barely afford. It’s the top floor of a walk up building right outside of Times Square.

Pluses: I could walk to work. It drenched in natural light. It’s midtown Manhattan.

Minuses: It’s a million dollar shoe box. There are many stairs involved.

Looking for apartments actually sucks. Then once I move in, I have to furnish it… which also sucks. I couldn’t be any less interested in purchasing furniture. All I want remains to be a desk and real computer… along with the puppies teleported to NYC from AUS, I don’t think that’s a lot to ask, really.

On the up side, my job is wonderful. And yes, I’m completely serious. I work for an international member organization. Yesterday my day entailed writing speeches for delivery in Bangladesh, Copenhagen, and Warsaw.

It’s hard finding ways to use your skills as a wordsmith that support survival. I’m lucky to like what I do. Imagine if I could somehow swing writing books…