It’s 3.25am

I mentioned briefly yesterday, I take birthdays pretty seriously. Considering that in a few hours I will be tearing up the city with a few of New York’s finest… I needed to get a few things done first.

I sat outside in the pitch black kiss of early autumn and drew in the atmosphere until I had to steady myself on a dimly glowing tree. I paid attention to my heartbeat and promised to be a bit easier on it this year.

I listened to this:

And I wrote this…

backwards stretch toward beyond

moments of recall. evoke. scope. arrival without destination. outside of this. skin. holding. midnight in your hands. released need. to what tears contain. a pocket of sentiment. pieces of one heart. how far. up. can one memory stretch. extending. a collection of enchantment.

travelling. in stillness. touching. from so far. as in. along this way. seven chakra ignition. lighting up. wind blown branches. ancient arms. open palm hold. rest inside flame. esoteric. with no between. no seek to reach. this spinning place. strengthening. expanding.

are we. a possibility. as part of the same. shaking. ascension. closed eye view in an open window world. to tell a vision. inhale. ecstasy. veils of gold. indigo. violet. a palette of protection. painting life. beautiful. downplay bearing. drifting. crossed. light walk. swinging.

… watch out 32. you’re about to get your ass beat.

7 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY!!!

    1. classical music takes me to a place in between all emotions, i think that’s part of what i love about it… this sort of lost place of up-ing and down-ing…

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