15 sleeps til Australia

After my episode last week I’ve sorted myself out and am ready to return to the world of down under… I shall swap my main header from ‘FollowMeToNYC’ to read ‘and back to AUSTRALIA’ and we’ll take it from there!

When I started this back in September I had no idea what I was doing other than going back to NYC to write… and I’ve done just that. The only thing that I didn’t do during my trip that I was betting on was promote myself to publishers and agents as much as I thought I would. However, I’ve written (nearly finished!) a feature length script, which I had no intention of doing… plus considering my history with ‘self-promotion’ … I can’t really say I’m all that surprised.

The kids that did the SAW movies are Aussie, in case you weren’t aware. They tried to pitch their script to some filmmakers in Australia who blew them off. So they took it to LA and now they’re laughin. Anything is possible.

Maybe I should just start my own publishing company?

Enough of this chatter… let’s talk love poetry…

an unravelled quandary

He hears raindrops when I speak. Thunder
in my silence. Sunsets wrapped in red silk,
slow heating of the shade I stay under.
He sweetens my world with creamed honey milk;
bruises when I fall. My self infliction
fades. Recollections take over.
Ascension, where I end and we begin.
My lucky talisman, four leaf clover.
He sounds like laughter in the dark and sees
without assuming the shapes that I take,
or querying why I walk on my knees.
He tells stories about music we make.
An esoteric pulse livens our soul.
Disbelieving separate. Clarify whole.

8 thoughts on “15 sleeps til Australia

  1. Maybe you should..;)

    Love the poem. What every relationship should be…even between words.

    1. I certainly consider it a possibility :-)!! It is so wonderful to hear from people connecting with my words, especially when they’re about the things that matter most… thank you my friend.

  2. Your poem is wonderful and dreamy!
    I am not sure how I found your blog, but I am glad I did.
    Safe journey home and congrats on all the writing you accomplished!

  3. Good for you Gretchen, go for it! I’ve been a writer for over 40 years, and love the life (mostly fit around a career in another field), now do it full time from my home in Sapporo, Japan. You do some good work. Nice blog, too. (My website is misspelled as I have it.)

    1. Wonderful meeting you George! Congratulations on your writing achievements! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan… you’re right next to me in AUS… 🙂

  4. Thanks for adding me in Twitter and for leading me here. I might be going back to NYC this year, and when I’m there, I want to listen to your poignant poems in person.

    1. It’s excellent meeting you Danny! I’m glad you’re digging the poetry, I appreciate your comment! I dig spoken word & am going to attempt to put together some podcasts of the pieces I’m writing at the moment… you should DEFINITELY go back to NYC!!

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