a comedy is born

From time to time I dabble in stand up comedy. I started this back in 2000 studying beneath the mostP24-11-06_21.27[1] hilarious DF Sweedler who continues to teach the comedy class at Comic Strip Live in Manhattan. If you’re thinking about a course… take that one.

I’ve also done comedy in Australia which was interesting because of the different humor. Don’t get me wrong, Aussies are a hysterical mob… it just took me some adapting to absorb the British influence. I’m on the fence over the Brit’s humor… naturally I’m into the Flying Circus and what not. But I’ll be the first to admit… some of it I don’t get.

100_1419Anyways, as much as I have fun doing stand up, it’s too cut throat. It’s hard for me to make a conscious effort to compete for anything. Stand up sort of makes me feel like that. But I still love doing five minutes here and there. Melbourne, AUS has a dope stand up scene (shout out to my Melbourne people!)… where I live in Brisbane, the scene blows.

All things considered, I can be a funny bitch from time to time. Since I was the youngest of five kids, my sisters sort of relied on me for entertainment. Yesterday I decided to start a screenplay to work on parallel to the ‘thriller’ script I’m working on for a few reasons. Mainly I smacked that one out in like ten days and needed something to focus during the down time required. During this stint of writing every day on my own, I’ve realized I personally need to have a few different things to work on so I can switch and refresh my thought process while I continue to work… opposed to just walking away for a few days.

I’m excited about it so far, it’s coming a bit more natural because silliness is something that suits me.

Prepare to laugh… bwah haa haaa!!!

2 thoughts on “a comedy is born

  1. I’m quite a fan of your particular sense of humor, so I look forward to seeing a comedy written by you.

  2. aaaaw, cheers botchy.

    imagine if my blog survives to an Australian leg come february… at least we know a few strippers to feature… and a french lap dancer.

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