redbubble and that dude’s trial

I just want to say that I think the whole court issue happening in New York City right now with givingDSCN0190 what’s his name a trial in Manhattan is ridiculous. It would be nice if the media and government would step off their high horse for five minutes to listen to the general public’s reaction. As much as I try to live an ‘ignorance is bliss’ lifestyle when it comes to atrocities involving psychotic people and politics… things still seep through sometimes. So there’s my two cents.

During my crusade I am meeting a fair amount of beautiful, creative, people that feel where I’m coming from and are down for the cause. So I wanted to shout a quick mention of RedBubble today because it’s where a lot of talented Writers (and other artists) are doing their thing.

For a Writer, RedBubble is an active community for you to share and receive feedback for your work. I also co-host a group there and am always trying to get people to play in the group’s forums. If you Write and you’re interested in connecting with Writers all over the world dedicated to what they’re doing… have a visit.

And no, I don’t work for them… lol. I don’t get paid for anything, remember? I just know that finding cool online environments for Writers isn’t an easy task and am always down to encourage other scribes to seek opportunities where you can practice, improve, and meet other crazies with similar interests.

If you do check it out… let me know what you think…

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