accidental. (ownership)

accidental. (ownership)

He’s a song. You listen too… playing with your eyes closed.
His hair sweeps beside my cheeks. Lavender. Soap.
And the two us will never… See…

I turn my head quickly. When I am
Alone. I want to carve him a window.
One inside of my own.

He talks. He tells. My closed lips
Humming vibration. My green eyed…
Shutters. Flicking closed,

Careless. Oversight. Internal. Shadow.
Dwelling. Won’t you cut me? Strings
Attached to your fantasy. Craving. Release.

If I were prettier. More.
I might give you.

I knotted each phrase
Around a split heart. Dirty
Bandage. Splintered ropes.

Hanging. Me. Gently.
Quiet. Rest.

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