accompany lack of concern

accompany (lack of) concern

our atmosphere
heats and i am
sweating, i am
looking for a way
to cool down.
there are people
on the streets
blinking at you
until you agree.
i continue. too…
exhale. i sigh
heavily, unfortunately
noticed. taking note
of the occasional voice
penetrating perpetual
rhythm, yet, resisting.
i’m tapping my foot.
i’m not. i mean. i would
never mention the
left. scarred in
another shade of purple
that i will write off as
nothing while “their”
with assumption.

… music. music.
would’ve came back for you, i just needed time
to do what i had to do, caught in the life. i can’t
let it go… whether that’s right. i will never know.
hope you forgive me. never meant wrong.

(i would’da came back)

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