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On April 20, 2012 Tim and I marched down to City Hall and agreed.


That makes me Mrs. Gretchen. You heard correctly… wifed.

It’s been pretty low key in these parts recently for a few causes.  Coincidentally, the love of my life actually grew up in the same neighborhood as I did. While neither of us were born in this particular north-western Connecticut suburb of mystery, humans hunt for chatter.

Let me tell you.

Most of my time lately is spent glowing. Tim drew a picture of the coffee table he’s going to build for our Inwood abode earlier tonight while I cooked Thai green curry with fistfuls of cilantro and chunks of garlic… fresh lime and ginger root.

We’re still listening to The Reign of Kindo. Tim taught himself Soon it Shall Be on guitar and sang it for me when I arrived home after being out one day last week.

Yes… please.


6 thoughts on “MARRIED

  1. Yay for you both!
    What a lucky man, I’m glad some happiness is rolling into your life.
    Love you lots

    1. Thank you Kerry! He is amazing and I cannot wait to swoop him to the southern hemisphere to introduce him to the other far away land of my life, I love you!! x o x

  2. I did hear on the grape vine, the same one that Dionysus chose the best grapes to harvest and make wine from… belated congratulations to you both… may your wine be forever fermented with love, respect, and honor. Much love to you. xoxoxo

  3. Congratulations Gretchen! Bell told me the news this afternoon at the Wesley Anne over a couple of drinks and RB chats. My thoughts are with you. All the best beautiful girl. Travel well.

    1. I was thinking of the RB writer’s day myself beautiful woman 🙂 I am happy to hear words are flowing in both hemispheres!! x o x

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