when you can’t get to nyc


I have been super spoiled this week indulging in the company of one of my favorite people in the Universe and senior cult affiliate CHRIS!!!

As our loyal readers recall, my New York City summer was spent with my companion Chris who put me up in casa a la Queens while I finished my poetry book.

Perhaps you remember him from here or here or here

I’m very exited about it being Friday because I have a whole weekend ahead with my favorite friend!!

Here’s his feedback about Australia so far:

“Yesterday when I ordered an Ice Coffee, they gave me a coffee with ice cream in it… but I actually thought it was kind of cool…”

“I can’t understand what old Australian men are saying…”

“I hailed a tram by accident last minute the other day and the driver got mad, it’s so weird. It’s like having to hail a bus…”

I’ve been insanely homesick but accepting I’m about to toughen up an extended Aussie period. Tonight I’m taking Chris to meet a collection of the dopest people on this continent that have got my back and regularly support me with comments like, “We know you’re New York, but we want to keep you as long as we can…”

I’m not trying to be a whingy bitch… I just know where my heart and soul have set up shop.

I guess a few more months of floating won’t kill me… imagine the poetry…


2 thoughts on “when you can’t get to nyc

  1. I want you for a very long time here 🙂

    Chris is dope he is word…is that right? LOL

    love you long time babe x

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