all or nothing

I have an ‘all or nothing’ personality. I suppose this is reflected in my ‘NYC or Bust’ outlook.

Time’s passing, I realize this. And I’m writing… all kinds of stuff. As a Writer, I feel like you walk a really fine line when it comes to gaining satisfaction from your efforts. Luke asks me a lot about what I want as a Writer… what will maybe result in me not bitching all the time about ‘All I want to do is write… blah blah blah…’

This is an interesting question.

Direction might be nice. Usually as a Writer when you meet people interested in your stuff and ask them what they’re afterDSCN1196 they say things like ‘Oh whatever you’ve got…’ which is really paraphrasing for ‘You’re supposed to be the creative one, hop to it!’

I’m perplexed by what people do to earn dollars. I mean, I can do it… I’m totally capable of game playing… no worries. But what baffles me is the silent acceptance. Fair enough, I complain a fair bit… but who wouldn’t? How many people do you know that survive doing something they actually enjoy?

I won’t waste too much time tripping about all of this, I’ll keep creating. However, time’s ticking… The only thing that appeals to me more than an opportunity to survive off my passion for words is to figure out how everyone else does such a good job at pretending to gain fulfillment in a job that doesn’t reflect who they really are. If I could do that… I’d be sweet.

ps. on my way into town… come out come out wherever you are…

2 thoughts on “all or nothing

  1. I love your poems. Do you have any more than the ones up on redbubble? I can totally see you teaming up with a quirky illustrator to compose a book of poems.

  2. Aaaaw, I heart you Consuelo… I’ll post something on Craigslist today and see if anyone replies. I’ve got poems everywhere… you know how good I am at keeping my stuff organized, lol. Maybe I’ll get a PA for Christmas 😉

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