and then i almost puked

I submitted something for ‘publisher consideration’ today. It’s the last thing that I am going to submit for a bit… give or take more bits…

As we’ve seen blog family, the entire process turns me into a ranting mess of foul mouthed rage. Not at the rejection(S)… with all the fucked-upness in the world, suuuurely I can handle a little lot of ‘rejection’…

Oh no, that is not my issue at all. In all honesty, I can’t judge my personal work as being ‘good’ or ‘eh…’ because it’s my work. It’s who I am. It’s basically how I process life in some shape and form that helps me deal with all the other stuff that goes on around planet Earth, if you will. Stuff that has nothing to do with ‘Boo hoo blah blah said “NO!”‘

THE ISSUE is that I personally know too many amazing unpublished writers to really chase that particular route. Don’t get me wrong… I’m happy to chase. We’ve seen me chasing Directors with developing scripts for a few months now… (literally like it’s my job…)

So considering all of that… plus the fact that preparing things for submission means re-doing stuff which I’m still on the fence about when it comes to creative writing… ‘blah blah blah…’

In other news, we’re really trying to move to Melbourne. I’m choreographing a rain dance that will hopefully result in a speedy relocation…

Here’s something I was ‘editing’ for the anthology today… I’m concerned it’s starting to feel like rewriting.

reconsidering a retaliation of resistance

you are
a bad idea.
strange fingers
wrists. urgent
flesh whips.
you. grab me.
pierced outer
layers. what i
say. how it
hurts. you pulling.
bizarre thoughts
about me
not following.
my dream.
i wish
it’s something
so rare.
it’s nice to feel
it’s something…

4 thoughts on “and then i almost puked

  1. Good on you, sister! I know it sucks and blows the whole self-worth vs one publisher’s opinion, but your stuff is *good* and it deserves the chance to get out there and reach different audiences. Fuck ’em and don’t give up, girl, I mean it! xx

    Oh also – hurry up and get yo ass on down here to MELBS! It needs you.

    1. tee hee hee!! lawdy girl you know i am working MEL out asap 😉 full moon arrives shortly and i imagine the necessary chaos soon to follow… x x

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