asking without answer

I said in confidence. To told reactions.
No one. Bothered. Asking. Caring.
My spring thaw choices. Green bed dreaming.
This sudden. Stop. As if… presents…
Recollection of how words feel. A single voice.
Orbiting my heartbeats with wait, I’ll show you.
And I swore. Everyone saw. How. Selling out
Happiness for approval. Passion for stability.
A bleeding bit lip. Salt trail face.
Walking down a sidewalk. Sheet scented shuffle.
Thinking of him.
The way he listens. When
My lips stop moving. I’m out in the dark.
While. Who knows best. Talks about
Who they think is settled. Resting. Before
I am ever. Offered a moment. Trading
A million for one. Reason being,
He believes in my silence.