clean up naked


As our cult collective is more than aware, Gretchen Cello copped a bit of a beating upon NYC arrival. Nothing a bit of clinical psychology hasn’t sorted out…

Love to all of the concerned members of our cozy corner at FollowMeToNYC. Over the past three months the love and support I’ve received from everyone during my, “Wait, are you kidding me?” period has been invaluable.

As our faithful audience has noticed, I stripped our local wordy wonderland from 750 posts down to about 300. Posts unpublished were selected at random. Fact of the matter is, there’s heaps more work to be done.


So with serious focus on sorting out the volumes of content amongst this site, I’m keeping on with it.

Finally I am starting to work – which is what I came here to do cult collective.

Establish myself as a Writer doing her thing in NYC.

At the moment, my work is sorting out this land we all love and adore. I’ll keep on with it. Persistence, with proper intention, can achieve anything.

This is the secret painting smiles across my lips. That, and you, of course.

Regardless of my ups, downs, rights, lefts, and struggles with Earthly complexities – the Universe has blessed me with an international clan of love who pop in every time I whisper… even when my whispers default to periods of whimper.

To the future blog family – even more bright and beaming than I ever imagined.

“I know you ain’t around, so you need to stop spittin it… You a shame now, wherever you be laying you can stay now… When I break, I break… If we were two LEGGO blocks even a Harvard University graduating class of 2010, couldn’t put us back together again. When I break, I break.”

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