Although I am by no means a practicing Catholic and anti-organized religion all together, I grew up with traditions that I naturally carry on. This includes enormous Easter lunches.

As a kid I got dragged to church every year and I remember dreading Easter mass worse than any other because it went on for AGES!! These days I’m just all about the food… Amen!

Unlike in the States, there is no hardboiling and dying of Easter eggs down under. In Australia, Easter is all about chocolate eggs… naturally they must be delivered via basket from an oversized rabbit.

The other thing I find odd about Easter in Australia is the lack of jelly beans. Easter candy is hardcore exclusively chocolate. Oh! And they’re all about hot cross buns, Luke whips me up a batch every year from scratch.

This morning I skyped with my family back in the States who I always miss even more on the holidays. Lunch for two in my house is hardly as exciting as the lunch for ten back at my parents’ place.

Still, instead of moping around about it… I cooked a vegetarian roast (shout out to the hippies!) with roast potatoes and garlic and onions and carrots and all of the things that have my present residence smelling like home.

Holidays to me are really about being reminded to take a look around at where you’re at and be thankful for everything you’ve got. That said, I’m thankful for all of you my fabulous gaggle of international cult members. Regardless of religion, sometimes it’s just nice to have a day to remember to love each other.

Love to each of you and all of yours…

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