shout out to the puppies

I realize I gush about them frequently, but the puppies really are two uniquely special angels to caretake my existence.

A Writer mate of mine used to talk about how he really appreciated the gym because word nerds spend so much time hunched over pages and keys, it’s refreshing to bend the body in different ways and motivate yourself out of a workspace.

While I do enjoy my 30 minute gym romps during lunch, I have an entirely different dependency on the puppies. They’ve been here about a month now and have brightened life during moments and in ways where I am left praising the Universe for delivering two unconditionally loving piles of smiling fur who only want to play and dance.

Shout out to the puppies.

Themes in my novel are rising during my current project that weren’t there before. As I hoped whilst hustling my return, swimming in New York City every day swishes the most beautiful canvas of secrets and stories.

I’m going to keep on keeping on. I’ll be a bit closer to novel than I was today. And one day closer to releasing Poetry: Volume Three, which will conclude my first published trilogy of lyrical verse and syllable batterings.

2 thoughts on “shout out to the puppies

  1. Those smiles you capture are precious. You should also make a puppy coffee book or some such – the joy, the tenderness, sweet as!

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