dirty books and chilli beer

Winter in Australia is sneaking in with prickly icicle fingernails that scratch at the back of your neck and tickle your nose til you sneeze.

Every night this week after work I’ve been gyming. I’ve been eating exclusively raw vegetables all day and I haven’t had a lick of alcohol.

I guess you could say I’m in, “Oh shit New York City’s like A WEEK AWAY girl!! Get it together!” mode.

So last night wandering home past the boutique beer shop on Bridge Road where I live in Richmond, I decided to duck in for a chilli beer. After all, I totally deserved one. Four days straight of gym? Five days without a single glass of wine?


Continuing with my stroll toward two anxious puppies waiting for me to take them for a bicycle ride I walked past my local sensuality shop.

We all need one of these. If you don’t have one, you might consider relocating…

Amongst the brightly colored feather boas, various flavors of body paint, and seven inch heels, cozily tucked away in a wicker basket amongst some silk pillows was a stack of books.

Only a Writer goes into a sensuality shop and streamlines toward the books.

The first erotica I read back in the day was The claiming of sleeping beauty by Anne Rice writing as A.N. Roquelaure which I pinched from one of my older sisters’ room as a young girl to privately ogle at.

This is basically what I did last night tucked under a pile of blankets with a deliciously spicy beverage, dim lights, and two small creatures curled up at my feet.

Truth be told, I like me some sexy language. And furthermore…

I’m a saucy wench. I reckon I could do that.

With all of the fabulous wordy explorations that I practice, it’s been some time since I’ve written something saucy. That’s what I’m going to do today. It won’t be posted here. Anne Rice style I’ll come up with a new name, shoot it off to someone, and see what happens.

A girl can never have too many identities you know.

4 thoughts on “dirty books and chilli beer

  1. Not sure I’d like chilli beer…now chilli and beer that is a different story..;)

  2. You KNOW i’m going to ask for a copy of that story, right? And hell yeah, I would’ve gone straight for the bookshelves too 🙂 I actually have a book called ‘Aqua Erotica’ that is completely, curiously waterproof…will throw it in my bag for you. Perfect for the spa this weekend, hey?

    And babe, lovely though the chilli beer might have been, it can’t beat that divine barley wine on Sunday! X x

    1. I have already packed my new book of stories to bring away with us this weekend! Waterproof? I am panting in anticipation. A perfect spa read indeed :-D!!

      Gorgeous woman I don’t know if anything will ever be able to step to that barley wine, I dare say it bites right at the heels of cherry beer… with yummy licorice nips.

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