how much does that cost & the cute puppies

I feel like a Mastercard commercial. Laptop blah blah dollars, airline tickets such and such, having people say you inspire them… priceless.

As many of you know I passionately hide behind a ‘be nice to my Writing’ shield constructed during my youth to ward off fiendish book publishers. It is so enormous now that even the nastiest critique of something I might love doesn’t bother me.

… it took me a long time to get here.

Now that I’ve conquered the ‘what do you mean you don’t get it?’ demon I need to address the ‘you’re going to pay me how much for what?’ gremlin.

Let’s face it, most ‘published Writers’ aren’t getting squat for what’s printed. I’m actually surprised by the amount of publishers that try to sell the ol’ ‘no compensation but we’ll give you a complementary copy’ line.

So you keep all the profits from my shit? I don’t really understand how that works…

Since appointing myself CEO of Full-time Writing back in September, I’ve had time to seriously attempt to connect with humans through my words. Not faceless organizations mass producing template ‘NO’ letters or contracts that offer 5 cents a copy.

And it’s coming along brilliantly.

Having people share reactions to my work with me is quite surreal. I think it’s something Writers that only deal with publishers or agents miss out on… having one of your readers say ‘I really related to this…’ or ‘That inspired me…’

Sure once you’re famous you get psychotic people sending you emails about how they want to eat your babies…

… but it’s the little things that count.

ps. how cute are the puppies?

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