glorious nothing day

IMG_3935Today is a glorious day of nothing. Since last Saturday, I’ve been run off my feet. Mommy and sister #2 came to town for an NYC stomp and sleepover. I bought shoes, chased furry characters around Times Square to snap photos for nieces and dipped in and out of delicious midtown eaterys.

The following day I was whisked to Bermuda where I proceeded to dive into a week of 16 hour work days, writing writing writing.

Next thing you know, back on the plane to the city. Peanut was overjoyed to see me and I have been entertaining her ever since. After our daily romp about Central IMG_3938Park, she’s finally knocked out. And there is nothing I have to do and nowhere I’m supposed to be for the first time in ten days.


I am nestled in front of my MAC with some new chapters to patch up and a couple of poems to tuck somewhere. I was reading through my poetry during my Bermuda trip, I’d like to connect with some poets in New York City. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting up with the most wonderful Joseph Quintela a handful of times in the past, I think I might go to a reading tonight and see what my fellow wordsmiths are on about.

In the meantime, my windows are open, my coffee is hot and I am ready to work. So back to it. I hope you are all well and surrounded with love, and connected with our spirit’s divinity. I have a book about that too. Perhaps I will have a review of that as well today, during my glorious nothing day. I treasure these moments, I’ve manifested this life in New York City – I’d like to manifest more of these moments as well.

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  1. Just wondering if you know of a group called The Poetry Brothel . Might be interesting.I’ts in NYC. They have a web site and are on FB.
    Be well. What a great job you have!!!! Aunt Donna

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